• Teenagers today have to manage many
    diverse feelings, emotions & rationality.

  • They need to find their North Star and
    their own compass to navigate through an
    ocean of new experiences

  • Welcome to IEF

    India Excellence Forum has taken up the cause of ensuring each Teen's Well-Being by understanding each Teen's Behavioural Complexities & Construct.

  • Our Behavioural Mentors

    Our Behavioural Mentors work with One Teen at a Time and help them find their North star supporting both the Teen and the parents together to make well-informed decisions.

  • Our Approach

    Through a blend of Design Thinking & Systems Thinking models, we capture each Teen’s feelings, experiences, thoughts, fears & behavioural strengths and gaps.

  • Our Method

    A face to face interaction between the Teen and our Behavioural Mentor helps us design their personal roadmap called the BE WELLTM Behaviour & Well Being Summary.


    The BE WELLTM Summary is a collection of Narrations and Descriptions across Behaviour & Academic competencies along with Insights and Recommendations for both the Teen and the Parents.

  • What's Next?

    As a continuous support option, we work with the Teen through planned in-person and telephonic sessions across 30-60-90 days keeping the Parent in loop at all times.

Concerns We Address

IEF's Teenage Behaviour Centered programs & products used across 7 States 30+ Cities 12000 Principals and 550 Teachers

10,000+ Direct Student Interactions by our Behavioural Mentors

300+ Extreme to Moderate Behavioural challenges addressed with each individual Teen by building Parent-Teen collaboration towards Well-being


Our Support Partners are organizations led or recommended by IEF's Leadership and those who have graciously aligned themselves with our Mission & Vision. IEF teams work with teams at these organizations to utilize their offering of infrastructure, logistics, domain expertise, network or people support to mobilize various aspects of each of our projects.