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Our Mentors ENGAGE, DEEP DIVE & PARTNER with the Teens to help them discover happiness, confidence and values within themselves to not only manage the current challenges but also draw learning from their past experiences and build a long term life path

Behavioural Mentors Experiences so far

  • An under-performing and a heavily withdrawn Teenage Boy - Delhi NCR

    "This child's father is a senior government employee. The first time the child came in for the BE WELL session, he sat curled up in the corner of the chair and did not respond at all except for a slight nod of the head. Our Behavioural Mentor planned a total of 6 sessions where the child was guided to resolve the feeling of fear, under-confidence and also work on managing the level and nature of distractions which impacted his academic performance. Post the 3rd session the child's father called and said he was extremely happy with the changes in his son and also found him to improve his academic effort. The Behavioural Mentor decided to close the intervention with the 4th session."

  • A Teenage girl with severe health concerns but a heart full of dreams - Kolkata West Bengal

    She was in class 12th when our Behavioural Mentor spoke with her over the phone. Her voice was musical but shivered constantly due to the medication, her hands and feet also trembled. She had overcome her fear to successfully attempt swimming on the deep side of her school swimming pool. She was scared of going out and crowded places made her uncomfortable. She liked cooking, photography, lyrics in songs & travelling and home science was her favourite subject. Her family loved her but were worried if she will be able to study further or do something given her medical condition and fears. the BE WELL Behaviour & Well-Being summary gave them a direction along with how to factor in the current condition & without worrying make a realistic plan about the effort she can apply along with recommended subjects and interests she can pursue. Today she is completing her graduation in humanities, manages her college schedule without help and wants to study further. Her mother is happy with how her daughter is shaping up to become independent.

  • A Teenage girl in conflict with her parents over her career aspirations - Mumbai Maharashtra

    "A class 12 girl did not want to study commerce but was pressurized to take up commerce. When our behavioural mentor met her it was discovered that the child had talent for people management and counselling. She was trained in singing from an early age but had lost interest due to the surmounting emotionally charged arguments at home. She and her parents were guided through the BE WELL Behaviour & Well-Being Summary on how both can help each other understand the reality and resolve the daily conflict over what she must pursue. Today the child has taken up Psychology, is doing extremely well in her academics with a renewed sense for the future and an improved relationship with the parents. "

  • Managing Riot Victimization - Hojai Assam

    "50 young girls who lost their families and had been orphaned during the 2005 Assam riots upon becoming teenagers came in contact with our Behavioural Mentors. Our Behavioural Mentors interacted with them and generated their individual BE WELL Behaviour and Well-Being Summaries. This gave each child an insight into who she is and what she must do to make the best-suited life choices. As per the school Principal even the weakest of the students showed a renewed sense of determination and direction to put in the effort required to fulfill their dreams and life goals. "

  • Teenage Radicalization - Kupwara Jammu Kashmir

    A total of 80 senior school government teachers attended our 3 day Teacher's Program on Behavioural Attentiveness for Teenage Students. During the final phase of our program, a student went missing from the school we were training at. Upon investigation, it was found that the child had gone to south Kashmir to become a terrorist. His decision was based on the fact that both the teachers and his family constantly told him that he was not good enough to study. The teachers in training realized that what they were learning through our program could directly influence such situations by handling under-performing students and those with troubling emotional circumstances in a structured and compassionate way. They further realized and articulated that while these cases have a deeper reason to surface, building endurance among teenagers by paying attention to their behaviour can play a significant role and help students think for themselves before abandoning education and adopting dangerous to fatal life choices.

1. Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Interacted with the first 20 Teenage Students to create the BE WELL Behaviour & Well-Being Profile
Point of Focus - Minority Community Stigmas

2. Hojai (Assam)

Interacted with 50 Teenage Students to create the BE WELL Behaviour & Well-Being Profile Teacher Sensitization on Behavioural Attentiveness
Point of Focus - Riot Victimization

3. Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Developed the first Team of 15 Behavioural Experts Interacted with 100 Teenage Students to create the BE WELL Behaviour & Well- Being Profile Teacher Sensitization on Suicide Prevention Parent Workshops for 80+ audience
Point of Focus - Slum Stigmas, understanding Suicide & Self-Harm tendencies, adolescent psychology & combating Blue Whale Game Challenge

4. Beed (Maharashtra)

Open workshop for 250 Teenage Students on Life Goal clarity Teacher Sensitization on Behavioural Attentiveness
Point of Focus - Discontinuation of education due to seasonal migration

5. Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)

Gamified workshop on Goal Clarity for 150 Teenage Students
Point of Focus - Life Goal Clarity

6. Kupwara (Jammu Kashmir)

Teacher Training on Behaviour Assessment among Teenage Students across 10 Educational Blocks
Point of Focus - Preventing Radicalization

7. Gurugram (Haryana)

Gamified workshop on Life Goal Clarity for 150 Teenage Students
Point of Focus - Life Choices related anxieties

8. All 21 Districts (Haryana)

Workshop for 12000 Principals on Suicide Prevention due to Blue Whale Game Challenge Commissioned by the Department of Education Haryana

9. Noida (Uttar Pradesh)

Webinar on Changing Future of Careers Worldwide Live participation of 4000 students

10. Bhurari (Uttar Pradesh)

Gamified workshop on Life Goal Clarity for 200 Teenage Students
Point of Focus - Fears of future and social expectations

11. Kaithal (Haryana)

Gamified workshop on Life Goal Clarity for 180 Teenage Students
Point of Focus - Fears of future and social expectations

12. Delhi (Delhi NCR)

Gamified workshop on Life Goal Clarity for 1000 Teenage Students
Point of Focus - Fears of future and social expectations